One of the most striking elements of the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ was His care of little children. Often He would speak to them, welcome them, and bless them. He even used a lad's lunch in a miracle (the feeding of the 5,000). At Crosspointe Baptist Church we love families and have designed ministries to assist parents in teaching their children to come to know Christ and to grow in grace. 

All of our workers go through an extensive background check and are trained how to effectively work with children, teens and adults. Children are under the supervision of at least two workers at all times. We strive to provide a safe place for you and your family to worship God and learn to know Him personally.

1. Graded Sunday School

Every Sunday at 9:45 am experienced, trained teachers are in their classrooms ready to welcome your child. The children will be taught a lesson from the Bible that is presented in a way that makes it easy for them to learn. Visual aids are used in the teaching to make the lessons come alive! Activity sheets are given to every child to take home. 

2. Children's Church

While the teenagers and adults are having church in the main auditorium the children experience their own special church service. They sing fun children's songs as well as the great hymns of the faith. Each week they memorize a verse of Scripture and then have a message preached to them from the Bible. 

3. Master Clubs

Every Wednesday night during the school year while the adults are in the main auditorium the children have a great time learning in their own Bible Club. They meet in the education building.