Our media ministry strives to spread the message of salvation to all those who are able to see and hear.
— John Brandenburg, Media Director

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The Pastor's Pen

The weekly writings of Pastor Brandenburg to our people of our church.  Pastor shares what God has shown him through the scriptures as he leads our church and is yielded to Him.

The Sharpening Stone

We have taken for the name of this blog, “The Sharpening Stone.” This thought comes from Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. It is a biblical principle and a practical truth that we are influenced by those with whom we associate. A wise Believer will be very careful when choosing those that will influence them. Our friends affect us in subtle ways. We naturally tend to pick up the traits of those with whom we spend time. We are blessed at our church to have many spiritual men who help to lead our church. The Sharpening Stone is written by those men and are meant to bless, encourage, and challenge you.

Audio Recording and Production

We record all of the services here at Crosspointe Baptist Church. As part of our ministry we record and produce all the audio for our CDs, Podcasts, MP3 downloads, and live streaming to our website.

Video Recording and Production

Weekly Podcast

The preaching at Crosspointe Baptist Church is put into one easy place to be able to follow and play back messages that God has used in our services. Subscribing to our podcast will give you access to Sunday School Series: Facing Goliath, Sunday Morning and Evening messages, and our Wednesday night series: Lessons of Faith.

Social Media

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