Missions is the term we use to describe our support of faithful preachers and their families who carry the message of the Gospel of Christ to those who have never heard. Our financial support, along with that of many other churches, allow them to go to the field (their country of focus), do the work of the ministry (soul-winning, discipleship, church planting, worker training), and to insure the continuation of these new churches. 

Crosspointe Baptist Church financially supports 30 different missionary projects or ministries both in America and around the world. In addition to our financial support we communicate with our missionaries and pray regularly for them, their ministries and their needs. Every Wednesday night we read a letter during our Mid-week Service from one of our missionaries so that we may know them better and be able to pray more effectively for them. We also have a bulletin board where we post the letters from all of our missionary families. 


Our Missionaries