The Great Commission By Guest Columnist, Dr. James Holder

Dr. James Holder, Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church of Benson, AZ

Dr. James Holder, Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church of Benson, AZ

Everyone who has been in Sunday school and church for even a short time has been made aware of the Great Commission.  Yet most of us are not really tuned into the real meaning and thrust of the last worlds of our Savior before his departing at His ascension.  The Great Commission is not for some to consider but for all a command.  First of all maybe it would be good for us to give some sort of definition of a commission.  A Biblical commission perhaps could be best expressed in this fashion:  it has an earthly need that is responded to by a heavenly call but between the two there is a human will.  A great example of this is in the O.T. Book of Jonah.  The question for you and me is “Why is the Great Commission great?”  Let us consider just five words to help answer this question.  It is great because of:

I      The Giver - God

Five times the Great Commission is given to us in the New Testament and in the parting words of our Savior.

  • ·Matthew 28:19,20               His Presence
  • Mark 16:15                           His Protection
  • Luke 24:46-48                    His Program
  • John 20:21                          His Peace
  • Acts 1:8                               His Power

God in giving the Commission also left us the necessary tools.

II     The Gift - Grace

The world has chosen to bring about a great confusion regarding God’s gift of His grace that provides our great salvation.  The religious system of this world has sorely added to God’s great gift. 

III   The Guilty - Lost World

Our world now houses approximately 7.5 billion people.  A number as high as 3 billion are said to have never heard the truth of God’s wonderful gift.

IV   The Go - Every Creature

Mark’s Gospel commands us to go into “all the world” that is a challenge but he further indicates we are to “preach the Gospel to every creature”.  “Go is not always a change of location but always a change of heart.”

V     The Gulf - Perish

The bottom line to the Great Commission is the fact that when people depart this life, they go to one of two destinations, Heaven or hell!  When one leaves this life they are forever destined to be separated due to this relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yes, let us please allow these five words:  Giver, Gift, Guilty, Go, and Gulf, refresh our relationship to God’s Great Commission.