2017 Missions Conference Review

We have just concluded our 2017 Missions Conference. Our main speaker for the meeting was Dr. James Holder from Calvary Baptist Church in Benton, Arizona. His preaching and teaching was powerful, pointed and helpful. Our other speakers were: Ian Brown, church planter to Boston, Massachusetts; LeRoy DeMasellis, Rock of Ages Prison Ministries; and John Green, Director of PMBC Printing Ministries. We also heard by video from Alan Hart, Missionary to Zambia and Mike Eastridge, Director of CPR Ministries. It was wonderful to hear from each of these men and to be challenged to complete the task of getting the Gospel to the World. I believe the week can be summed up in this quote from Dr. Holder:

“The whole duty of the whole church is to carry the whole Gospel to the whole world.”

Brother Ian Brown

Brother Ian Brown

On Monday night - Brother Ian Brown shared his burden to start a church in Boston. He also spoke on “How to Pray for Missionaries” from Romans 15:31-32  Pray that they will: 1) Be Delivered from Unbelievers 2) Be Accepted by Those Who Do Believe 3) Maintain our Joy in the Ministry

Brother LeRoy DeMacellis

Brother LeRoy DeMacellis

On Tuesday night – Brother LeRoy DeMasellis presented us with his passionate report of the last year of ministry at the prisons of Michigan. Just by his explaining the extent of the ministry and the amazing results was an encouragement and a challenge at the same time!

 On Wednesday night – Brother John Green gave us an update on the vision of Parker Memorial Baptist Church Printing Ministry. A new (to them) web press was just given to them. They are raising $50,000 to move and install this new press in their shop. This will greatly multiply their ability to print scriptures for the mission field. He then reminded us of those that were martyred for getting the Bible to common people. How much do you love your Bible?

 Mrs. Dot Holder and Mrs. Fan Brown spoke to the ladies in Sunday School. They shared their experiences in the ministry and their love for the Lord. What great ladies for God!

 Dr. James Holder spoke during six services and the Lord used him every time he spoke. His messages were clear, Biblical, powerful, pointed and practical.

 Sunday School: Soaring, Walking or Running This great message was based upon Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. We were taught that there are three stages of the Christian’s life and ministry. 1. Soaring (mount up with wings as eagles) 2. Run and not be weary, 3. Walk and not faint.

  1. Soar – Youthfulness – do not get tired
  2. Run – Middle age – cannot soar, but can still run. Very productive and strong but making adjustments.
  3. Walk – Older (elder) – does not have the ability of youth to soar, nor can they run like they once did, but they STILL walk and not faint.

Every Christian goes through the stages of life, but ALL are to be involved in the work.

Soar if you can, run if you need to, walk if you must, just don’t stop!

Sunday Morning: Giving Your Way to Prosperity  In this message we were taught different ways to give:

  1. Exalted Giving - “God must be first; God never comes next.)
  2. Extended Giving – the more we give, the more He will bless.
  3. Exacted Giving – God gave us the exact amount of the tithe (the first tenth - 10%)
  4. Exemplary Giving – Give and it shall be given unto you.
  5. Explained Giving – Acts 4 & 5
  6. Emergency Giving – Giving to help others with great needs
  7. Excused Giving – Ask God what He will allow

Sunday Night: The Example of Giving  The Believers in 2 Corinthians 8-10 provide a biblical example of how and why church members should give to the Lord and His local church. “If we had put the same emphasis on 2 Corinthians 8-10 as we have on 1 Corinthians 12-14 we would already have reached the world!”

  1. The Preciousness of Giving – they gave out of great affliction
  2. The Pattern of Giving –
    2 Corinthians 8:3 For to their power, I bear record, yea, and beyond their power they were willing of themselves;      
    It is possible to give 3 ways:
          •  Below our Power (ability) – we CAN, but won’t
          •  To their power – what we CAN and DO
          •  Beyond their po wer – what we CANNOT, but do by faith
  3. The Purpose of Giving – Received the gift (offerings) to help others.
       “Every great church reaches beyond itself.”
  4. The Power of the Example – They gave themselves
    2 Corinthians 8:5 And this they did, not as we hoped, but first gave their own selves to the Lord, and unto us by the will of God.

Monday Night: The Exhortation of Giving

  1. An Attitude of Willingness
  2. An Action of Worship

Our giving proves the sincerity of our love. The example in Scripture is that the building & repairing of the Temple was always by freewill offerings.

Tuesday Night: The Expediency of Faith Promise
Expedient means “best”

  1. Expedient for the Church
  2. Expedient for the Christian
  3. Expedient for the Unsaved

Wednesday Night: The Execution of Faith Promise  We were reminded to remember our commitments.

2 Corinthians 9:2 For I know the forwardness of your mind, for which I boast of you to them of Macedonia, that Achaia was ready a year ago; and your zeal hath provoked very many.
3 Yet have I sent the brethren, lest our boasting of you should be in vain in this behalf; that, as I said, ye may be ready:
4 Lest haply if they of Macedonia come with me, and find you unprepared, we (that we say not, ye) should be ashamed in this same confident boasting.

The key to the execution of Faith Promise is found in 2 Corinthians 10:15-16

2 Corinthians 10:15 Not boasting of things without our measure, that is, of other men's labours; but having hope, when your faith is increased, that we shall be enlarged by you according to our rule abundantly,
16 To preach the gospel in the regions beyond you, and not to boast in another man's line of things made ready to our hand.

  1. 1. Our Faith is Increased
  2. 2. We Will Be Enlarged
  3. 3. We Will Preach the Gospel in the Regions Beyond