Three to Thrive

This has been an eventful and exciting week! Last Sunday in the messages I introduced the thought of “Three to Thrive.” This was based upon the famous statement of Dr. Lee Roberson. His statement was intended to instruct Believers in the value of attending Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night services.  For us to thrive spiritually, it is very important to be faithful to the House of God and to participate in the ministries of the church where the Lord has planted us. I spoke on three different ways to “Three to Thrive.”

Three to Thrive! (Church Attendance)

  • Sunday Morning
  • Sunday Night
  • Wednesday Night


Three to Thrive! (Financial Commitments)

  • Tithe
  • Missions
  • Building Refinance


Three to Thrive! (Practical Application)

  • Personal Walk
  • Public Testimony
  • Practical Service

Last week we handed out the commitment cards for our “Three to Thrive” finance campaign and challenged each of us to pray and ask God what He would allow us to do as part of the plan. Today we will collect the cards and tally our commitments. I hope that you have prayed this week and are ready to make your commitment.

I am so excited to see what God is going to do in and through us! This week many of you have demonstrated commitment to Crosspointe Baptist Church. Many of you have committed to helping with the Crosspointe Keepers (Janitorial Ministry). It was wonderful to see so many of you at the building yesterday cleaning and getting things ready for church today. We had new people out soulwinning this week and still others who attended the Bible Readers Dinner. This dinner signified their completion of their commitment to reading through the entire Bible in 2016.

Let’s all “Thrive in Three’s!”