The Christian Home is a Building Project

On Saturday Night, February 18, 2017 we conducted our 2017 Couples Banquet. It was a great time of fun and fellowship. As we often do, it was a “themed” banquet with each table having their own theme. I have learned over the years that the people of Crosspointe Baptist Church as extremely creative, and absolutely nuts! This year exemplified that again. We had the following tables:

  • Bernie & Norma Lipka – Tailgate Party
  • Rich & Liz Wilkerson – Jailtime
  • Leighton & Erika Leaf – Super Heroes & Villains
  • Allan & Rebecca Bladorn – The Game of “Clue”
  • Mark & Jill Shaw – Picnic

The decorations and costumes were amazing! It was great to see all the creativity. We also have a fun time with the games. Thank you to all who worked so hard to make the evening possible. Special thanks to Amanda Brandenburg and Pat Clark for their help with the children. Thanks to Ron Hawthorn and Nick for their help with clean-up and serving. And a very special thanks to our cooks, Rhonda Brandenburg, Sarah Brandenburg, and Norma Lipka.

Our preacher for the night was LeRoy DeMasselis. He preached a great message on “The Christian Home is a Building Project.” We were reminded that for a Christian Home to be successful it must:

  1. Be Built on the Right Foundation [Jesus Christ]  
  2. Have Good Material [The KJV Bible] 
  3. Have the Right Tools [Consistent Lifestyle, Good Relationship, Real Love, Balanced Disciplined]. 

His message was right on point and God used him to speak to our hearts!