Your Care of Me

Philippians 4:10 But I rejoiced in the Lord greatly, that now at the last your care of me hath flourished again; wherein ye were also careful, but ye lacked opportunity.

During the last few weeks I have been reminded of the verse listed above because of the wonderful people of Crosspointe Baptist Church. During the recent weeks our family has had to face many challenges ranging from Rhonda’s hospital stays and the following follow-up doctor’s appointments, my own physical challenge with my asthma attack and the recovery and then the unexpected homegoing of Rhonda’s sister, Martha Jo Newman, and the quick trip to Florida. I realize that everyone faces challenges and we are not unique in this regard, yet I have been greatly comforted and encouraged by the way that you have cared for our family.

During the last few weeks you have demonstrated your love for us and your love for God in so many ways. Thank you for:

  1. Prayer During Rhonda's sickness and recovery. It is a real comfort when dealing with the complex recovery that there is a group of people praying for God to bring healing.
  2. Concern   Hardly a day goes by that we do not hear from one of you asking how she is doing. It is encouraging to know that people do care.
  3.  Prayer & Encouragement in the loss of Rhonda’s sister.
  4. Generous Love Gift to help with the car repair and the trip. This was totally unexpected, but is a tremendous blessing.
  5. Work Day  We had scheduled a workday on Saturday, February 25 to clean-up the property in preparation for the walk through by the banker in preparation of the building refinance. I am amazed and overwhelmed by the tremendous level of participation for this important day. Many of you came and worked very hard. The building looks great!
  6. Preaching   I am very thankful for the men who preached in the services while I was sick and while we were out of town. It is a joy to know we have mature Christian men who can step in and open the Word of God to deliver truth to our people.
  7. Participation   During the last few weeks we have seen very good attendances, many visitors, and great offerings (general fund, missions, building refinance, and Phase One). I believe God has given us some momentum to move forward in a great way. It takes all of us working together to accomplish all that the Lord has for our church to do. We are seeing a great number of our members stepping up and being involved. YOU do make a difference!

Again, let me say, “Thank you” for your great display of love and care for us. Thank you for your commitment to Christ and to Crosspointe Baptist Church.  I truly “rejoice in the Lord greatly” for you all!