Every Sunday at 9:45 AM adults meet to be from the Bible. We have two classes; one class meets in the auditorium of Crosspointe Baptist Church and is taught by Mark Shaw, who is one of our deacons.

The other class is the Couples Class. This class is taught by another of our deacons, Leighton Leaf. The Couples Class meets in the Small Auditorium, in the Educational Building.  

Both classes are teaching the same curriculum at this time. Our current series is "Making a Difference: A Study of the Early Christians in the Book of Acts." These lessons are practical and will help Believers to improve their walk with God and to grow in grace. Everyone is encouraged to obtain a copy of the student workbook from the bookstore to aid in their study during the week. Join us this Sunday!

If there were ever a group of people who truly made a difference, it was the first-century Christians!  In this thirteen-week study, we will walk through the pages of the New Testament book of Acts. 

On this journey, we will uncover thirteen characteristics that enabled a common group of people to accomplish an uncommon difference in their world. And we will examine our own lives to determine how we might implement those same characteristics, so that we may make a difference!

Lesson topics include:

  • Relationships Make a Difference
  • Caring Makes a Difference
  • The Spirit-Filled Life Makes a Difference
  • Generosity Makes a Difference
  • Faithfulness Makes a Difference
  • Teamwork Makes a Difference
  • A Witness Makes a Difference
  • Encouragement Makes a Difference
  • Giving Makes a Difference
  • Prayer Makes a Difference
  • Missions Makes a Difference
  • Co-Laborers Make a Difference
  • Commitment Makes a Difference

Copies of the book are available for purchase in the Bookstore.